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Welcome to the archive. Here, you’ll find all of my writing on Medium. Topics ranging and not limited to psychology, learning, self-awareness, sports, productivity, personal finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, cooking, and more. All posts are listed based on the date published, the latest at the top. Hope you enjoy your time reading and let me know what you think of it by commenting after the post or hit me up on Twitter.


August 30 How to Get (Lots of) Ideas For Anything

August 27 A Lesson From Tony

August 18 The Only Resolution We Need: Acceptance

July 04 Write to think clearly

June 28 Finding the one decision that removes 100 decisions

May 30 Reading lists to bookmark

May 23 Reading books to learn, not to win a rat race

May 20 Craving fast food and eating rules to follow

April 25 Unproductive Sunday

  • Date read: May 2021
  • How strongly I recommend it: 4/5
  • Amazon | Goodreads
  • Summary: To live an interesting life, you have to do interesting things.

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  • If you aren’t telling a good story, nobody thinks you died too soon: they just think you died.
  • Life is staggering and we are just…


I’m a student and a writer from Colombo, Sri Lanka. I write about stuff I learn. You can find my writing here.

I’m an ambivert, bilingual, an autodidact and an aspiring vagabond.

This blog hosts my writing on self-learning, awareness, observations, philosophy, psychology, entrepreneurship, marketing, lifestyle design, effective studying, and more.

Things I do daily: read, write, study, exercise, and drink tea.

I started writing around 2018, after being inspired by my favourite authors and bloggers — Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin, Mark Manson, Tim Urban, and more.

Other than writing, reading or studying, I like eating baked cheesecakes and using dashes unapologetically in my writing :)

All links to me around the interwebs:

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Pasindu Ranasinghe

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